Advice for materials handling professionals

I am regularly asked to write feature articles for Eureka, the online magazine for the materials handling professional.

Below you will find introductions and links to some of my most recent work.

I would also encourage you to have a look at the magazine itself:



Burning issues

The future of IC engine forklifts

The latest round of new EU emission standards has again focused attention on the challenges facing IC engine lift truck manufacturers and users.

With the help of specialists from Cat® Lift Trucks, Mark Nicholson looks at current trends and discusses the way forward for this important market segment.



Power pack probe

Lead-acid and Li-ion battery benefits compared

 Which is the better choice of battery for an electric forklift truck: lead-acid or lithium-ion? The answer depends on your application and your priorities. Mark Nicholson summarises the pros and cons, and finds out why lead-acid is still the most popular choice.



Hot warehouse tips

Prepare your materials handling operation for summer

As summer approaches, warehouse and factory managers need to plan for potentially difficult working conditions, an influx of temporary personnel and perhaps a seasonal shutdown.

Mark Nicholson has gathered some good advice on keeping your materials handling staff and equipment in top condition.



Let there be light

Treat your team to better warehouse lighting

Upgrading your warehouse or factory lighting system is not just a way of saving on energy and maintenance costs. It could be the key to a happier, healthier and more effective workforce.

Mark Nicholson examines the potential benefits and advises on how to maximise them.



Wrap up green for healthier profits

Why sustainable logistics packaging is good for business

Improving the sustainability of your logistics packaging makes good business sense – and you can easily start making positive changes right now.

Mark Nicholson summarises the arguments in favour of ‘green’ products and services, and highlights today’s increasing choice.



Ten top racking tips

Avoid the most common warehouse pallet rack mistakes

When planning the specification and layout of pallet racking, there is huge scope for bad decisions which will limit your warehouse operation’s productivity.

To help Eureka readers avoid this, Mark Nicholson has asked a storage systems expert to point out some of the most common errors.



Keep your balance

How to prevent forklift truck overturns and load spillages

At Eureka, we believe in regularly reviewing and reinforcing the principles of safe forklift operator behaviour, to help embed them in our industry’s culture.

The following guidelines from Mark Nicholson focus on a single factor involved in many materials handling accidents: stability.



Time is money

Advanced scanners and order pickers boost warehouse efficiency

Of all the processes in a warehouse operation, order picking is often the most expensive in terms of employee time.

Mark Nicholson looks at some time-saving advances in scanning technology and order picker truck design which promise improved profits through faster workflow.



Are you managing safely?

Managers of forklift operations must understand the risks

Managers of materials handling operations have a key role to play in setting and upholding safety standards, but do they always appreciate the dangers?

Mark Nicholson reports on the need for manager training.



View from the top

Forklift manufacturer’s Vice President reflects on ten years of change

For a strategic view on materials handling, Eureka’s Mark Nicholson has spoken to Hans Seijger, Vice President Marketing and Sales for Cat® Lift Trucks in the EAME region. What does he see as the most interesting and important trends over the last ten years?


Agents of destruction

 Why pest management is essential in warehousing and logistics

We all know that poor handling by a powerful forklift truck can destroy the value of an entire pallet load of goods.

As Mark Nicholson warns in the following article, a single mouse dropping has the power to do the same thing.



Is your organisation safe?

For the best advice on materials handling safety, ask a professional

Are you putting your employees and your business in danger without even knowing it?

To help in understanding the key processes a company should go through to make itself resilient and protect its staff, Mark Nicholson talks to an international health, safety and environmental risk analyst.



Transport for life

Materials handling and logistics companies support progress in the developing world

Materials handling, logistics and transport have the power to make life better, but not all areas of the world benefit equally.

 Mark Nicholson finds out how Transaid is working to close the gap – and what eureka readers can do to help.



Does diesel fuel have a future in the materials handling industry?

Diesel forklift trucks are here to stay

As electric forklift trucks continue to increase their share of the materials handling market and interest in renewable energy grows, is diesel power heading towards extinction?

According to Mark Nicholson there is good reason to believe that diesel will always be part of the world’s overall energy mix.



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Web: www.mncopywriting.com


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