Cat® Lift Trucks EAME Blog

I’m delighted to have been asked to do some copywriting for the Cat Lift Trucks EAME Blog

Here’s a summary (with web links) of the posts I’ve written so far:

Warehouse workwear technology

What can clothing technology do to make life better for your warehouse and logistics centre workers?


How to speed up materials handling

Your choice of lift truck makes a huge difference to the productivity of your materials handling operation.

How do some trucks get the work done much faster than others?


Why materials handling matters

Almost everything we buy or use has been on the forks of a lift truck at some point. Our lives would be very different if forklifts didn’t exist. Let’s take a closer look at why these machines and their efficient use in materials handling are so important.


Beauty handled with care: the delicate logistics of cut flower supply

Whether we buy them to show our feelings for someone special, or simply to brighten our surroundings, flowers bring joy into our world. But do we appreciate the huge challenges posed by flower logistics?


Switch on to better health and safety

How do you protect your greatest materials handling assets? By that we mean your people, not your machines. Find out what an electric forklift truck can do to keep your workforce healthy and safe.


Contact: Mark Nicholson Copywriting

Email: mark@mncopywriting.com

Web: www.mncopywriting.com


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