For forklift fans

Just a quick round-up of my recent articles for Eureka – the magazine for materials handling professionals. It includes a web link for each topic. If you work with lift trucks, you’re sure to find something of interest in Eureka.

How do you choose your lift trucks?

Forklift buyer survey

When deciding on which new forklift truck to buy or hire, from the many brands and models available, what are the most important factors to consider?

To help explore the issues, Eureka has surveyed truck buyers’ views and approaches. Mark Nicholson summarises the results.

New ways of working

Permanent Covid-driven changes in the warehouse

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has been tragic, it has been a stimulus for developments which will boost business efficiency and resilience in the longer term.

Mark Nicholson takes a look at the ‘new normal’ for warehousing and materials handling operations.

Wood or plastic?

An impartial pallet buyers’ guide

Pick up any materials handling or logistics magazine today and you’re likely to see articles and advertisements comparing the pros and cons of plastic and wooden pallets.

For the most unbiased view possible, Eureka’s Mark Nicholson has been speaking to a company that manufactures, sells and equally promotes both kinds.

Harness the power of fleet data to lower your total cost of operation (TCO)

How telematics can boost your materials handling operation

Would you like to manage your lift truck fleet in a way that saves money, raises productivity, improves health and safety, and lowers environmental impacts? That’s the promise of telematics.

With help from experts on the subject, Mark Nicholson explains how your business can benefit from this data-driven management approach.

The Li-ion recycling challenge

What happens to used forklift batteries?

Difficulty in recycling is sometimes put forward as an objection to lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries, but should that put you off buying?

For advice on this, Mark Nicholson turns to some companies handling various stages of the battery lifecycle.

Think before you tick

Lift truck daily checks

When carrying out a lift truck’s daily or pre-shift checks, what are you actually looking for?

Mark Nicholson suggests you answer the following questions before ticking boxes on your checklist.

Automatic trust

What blockchain can do for logistics

How can you trust the people and companies with whom you do business? And how can you be sure of the information on which your transactions are based? What if that confidence could be automatically assured? This is the promise of blockchain technology.

Mark Nicholson offers a simple, non-technical explanation.

Plastic against metal

The case for flexible warehouse safety barriers

Can plastic safety barriers really match metal structures in protecting against forklift truck collisions? With the right materials, design and technology, yes, they can. What’s more, their flexible solutions offer important advantages over traditional solid defences. 

Mark Nicholson reports.

Danger in the air

How to protect warehouse staff from dust hazards

Dust in warehouses is bad for workers, for machinery and for business.

Mark Nicholson highlights the dangers and the solutions, with advice from a leader in the dust-fighting field.

It’s time for action

Climate change threatens warehouse businesses today

This is a climate change article with a difference. It won’t ask you to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead, its aim is to help you protect your warehouse or factory business.

Mark Nicholson explains…

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