Press release: The sweet scent of profit

CheapSmells | Forms Plus

CheapSmells is heading for a saving of £20,000 this year, on materials alone, thanks to the new label print system.

Guernsey-based CheapSmells, one of the first companies to try out the innovative Duotherm double-sided label print system from Forms Plus, is predicting an annual saving of £20,000 on printing alone, based on its performance over the last few months.

As its name suggests, CheapSmells is a supplier of perfume and other fragrant products at discount prices. Selling online from www.cheapsmells.com, its range includes perfumes, aftershaves, skin and hair care products, and cosmetics.

Demand for these branded items, which are available at a fraction of the usual RRP, is huge. To keep the costs low, and to maintain customer satisfaction, it is essential that orders should be picked, packed, labelled and dispatched as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With their two-sided thermal technology, Duotherm labels can be printed on their front and back simultaneously. This allows the reverse of the label, which would otherwise be wasted, to be used for invoice information, notes or other messages.

In addition to saving on paper and avoiding the cost of other consumables such as toners and plastic ‘document enclosed’ wallets, the Duotherm process substantially reduces the amount of staff time involved in labelling.

“Our aim has been to increase cost efficiency, in terms of both materials and labour,” says CheapSmells Director Janice Mancini.

“We are heading for a material saving of £20,000 this year, mainly because the thermal printers don’t require toners. We are also enjoying the clean, fast, reliable operation of the thermal printers. Our conventional printers were constantly jamming and needed regular attention from an engineer, as well as routine reloading with toner.”

She adds: “It’s a little early to calculate the staff cost saving, but the process has already become significantly more efficient. Once the new system is in full swing we expect to be able to transfer one or two members of staff from label printing to other duties.”

Duotherm labels can be produced in a variety of formats, styles and sizes. In every case, application of these labels is virtually instantaneous compared to the lengthy process of folding documents and inserting them into a document wallet.

Forms Plus | Duotherm

In this version the adhesive label is applied to the outside while its printed release liner is placed inside the parcel.

In one version, the label has adhesive edges and a central section which can be simply peeled back to reveal the information printed on its reverse. In another, the reverse-side printed information is on the release liner which would normally be thrown away. The adhesive label is peeled and applied to the outside, while its release liner is placed inside the parcel.

Forms Plus Sales Director Gordon Leer says: “We’re delighted that the system is working out so well for CheapSmells. The reduction in printing costs clearly justifies the switch to Duotherm on its own, but the amount of money saved by reducing labour will also be very significant.

“Then there are additional benefits, at no cost, which include delivering extra information to customers, consuming fewer raw materials and gaining environmental credibility.”

For further details of products and services from label and form specialist Forms Plus call 01326 564331, email mail@formsplus.co.uk or visit www.formsplus.co.uk.


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