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KING (Kernow Independent Networking Group)

A Cornish business networking group that gets results…

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if warm business prospects could be handed to your company on a plate?

That’s exactly what happens at KING. Each member looks for opportunities to refer each other’s services and products to potential customers. As a member of KING, everyone in the group is on your side – and to avoid any conflict of interest our membership includes just one company in each business sector.

You could think of KING as a sales team, working on the whole group’s behalf.

To maximise results, we make an effort to understand each member company’s needs. Our support also includes sharing of information, advice and promotional opportunities. We are able to achieve all of this through our fortnightly breakfast meetings, which take less than two hours and leave the rest of the day free for business.

Your investment in membership will be just £10 per meeting – which also covers the price of your breakfast.

Feel free to drop in and meet us, but please call the day before to make sure we have a breakfast waiting for you.

Looking out for each other…

Some of KING’s benefits:

  • No membership fee
  • Meeting fee just £10 per fortnight (including breakfast) – paid by monthly standing order
  • Fortnightly meetings of all members allow lasting, supportive relationships to develop
  • Highly focused agenda gives members 60 seconds each to present their businesses and request introductions to contacts in specific sectors
  • Two-minute education slot per meeting enlightens the group on a relevant aspect of business
  • Meetings also include a ten-minute presentation, with Q&As, arranged to highlight each member’s business once or twice a year
  • Guests are warmly welcomed and may attend three meetings before deciding on whether to join
  • Members pass referrals – each of which is a warm lead to a business which has agreed to be contacted by a particular member of the group
  • Members give testimonials highlighting their positive experience of other members’ businesses
  • Members are encouraged to provide advice and support to each other
  • Informal networking takes place before and after the formal agenda

To find out how effectively this works in practice, come to one of our meetings and see for yourself.

Visit our website, email or give us a call for further information on our next meeting

Tel: 07795 835110

Email: info@king-networking.co.uk

Twitter: @KernowNetwork

Website: www.king-networking.co.uk


Contact: Mark Nicholson Copywriting

Email: mark@mncopywriting.com

Web: www.mncopywriting.com



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