Coming soon to a screen near you

For most of us, watching a film at home can never capture the magic feeling of being in a cinema. Today that same magic can be recreated for conferences, thanks to Cineworld venue hire.

Think about it: what do you want from a conference venue? The first requirement on your list is probably a screen and some seating… Need I say more?

Conferences at Cineworld cinemas offer much more than a screen: they offer a BIG screen! Imagine how much more impact your product and logo will have when the screen is 30 feet high. What’s more, every PowerPoint presentation or video you screen will be so much clearer and more impressive than in any other venue you can hire.

But it’s not just the screen that counts. Venue hire from Cineworld also brings you the best technology in terms of sound and lighting as well. And don’t worry, Cineworld’s technicians will be there to show you the simple controls and to make sure nothing goes wrong.

The Cineworld venue hire team can help you take conferences to a new dimension, with 3D PowerPoint and multi-site video conferencing with colleagues at other venues – anywhere in the world.

Cineworld and its venue hire team not only bring you the perfect auditorium but also provide whatever stage set-up you need in front of the screen, as well as comfortable areas for meetings and receptions. In fact, many of Cineworld’s venues feature licensed bars. Professional caterers are available on request, offering everything from nibbles to a full hot buffet.

If you really want to make yours a conference to remember, contact the venue hire team at Cineworld to find out more.


Contact: Mark Nicholson Copywriting

Email: mark@mncopywriting.com

Web: www.mncopywriting.com


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