My copywriting team

After 20 years as a professional copywriter, I turned freelance in October 2012. It was a big and scary step. My first priority was to build up a client base and find enough work to fill my time.

My daughter Katie happened to show me a magazine article about PeoplePerHour and wondered if it might be of some help. I registered, set up my first Hourlie and started bidding for writing jobs.

While the work I’ve gained from PeoplePerHour still only makes up a small proportion of my income, it has certainly been interesting, varied and useful.

The best thing, for me, is to do one job and then find that the customer comes back for many more.

At first I would bid for a large number of jobs. As a versatile copywriter, I can write on any topic in any format. In practice, there is so much competition for each job that it seems you need to have a lot of very relevant experience to be the chosen bidder.

Then there’s the issue of pricing. I’m very flexible by nature but some customers want to pay very little for the work and there’s a limit to how low I can go. If you’re a customer, I advise you to bear in mind that high-quality work costs more than average-quality work!

I’m still relatively new to PeoplePerHour and I’m hoping that the very complimentary feedback that my customers have posted will help to boost my reputation and result in more customers contacting me.

I’ve found Hourlies to be a useful promotional tool, as each time I post one I receive some sort of reaction. In particular, I have Hourlies offering to write a press release, proofread and enhance a CV or other article, and iron out the typos and dodgy grammar in websites.

In fact, in response to one of my Hourlies, someone contacted me with an urgent job while I was writing this blog post!

To find out more about PeoplePerHour, visit www.peopleperhour.com.

Contact: Mark Nicholson Copywriting

Email: mark@mncopywriting.com

Web: www.mncopywriting.com


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