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What is a copywriter?


Copywriter poised for action

In the world of marketing and communications a writer is known as a ‘copywriter’. Copy is the printing industry’s traditional word for the text in a magazine, advertisement or other printed item.

When you read a brochure, booklet, press release, feature article or advert, it’s likely that it was written by a copywriter like me. Today, much of our writing appears in digital form, such as web content, e-newsletters and social network messages, rather than on printed pages.

A copywriter’s job is to make topics appealing, interesting and easy to understand. Most importantly, our aim is to make the reader do something. For example, our clients might want readers to buy a product or service, support a cause or alter their behaviour in some way.

We can apply the same principles to any subject, but in practice individual copywriters tend to specialise in certain areas. Much of my work these days involves engineering and science.

I have written a lot recently about laboratory, scientific and industrial processing equipment, forklift trucks, electricity generators, saunas and health issues.

If you would like to see some examples, please have a look at this page of my blog:

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