Mark Nicholson Copywriting

What are words worth?

After 20 years of writing for a marketing agency and a wildlife charity, I am now going out on my own as a freelance copywriter and proofreader.  If you’re looking for someone to create written materials, or to improve the quality and effectiveness of something you’ve written yourself, let’s talk about it.

What do I have to offer?

Much of my experience lies in writing for engineering, scientific and environmental organisations but my record shows I can quickly get to grips with any subject and write persuasively on it.

At the John Knowles Company most of my work concerned forklift trucks but I also wrote on such diverse topics as air conditioning, electric motors, trade associations, council services, housing, local business support and theatrical events.

At Cornwall Wildlife Trust my writing covered every aspect of the environment.  Going further back, my career started in the field of science.  I have a degree in zoology and an MPhil degree for ecology research.  A scientific, methodical approach to every job has remained with me throughout the years.

I have applied my skill to everything from press releases, advertisements, brochures, newsletters, magazines, reports and web content to speeches, presentations, video voiceovers and whole-day event scripts.

As well as original writing, I have a particular specialism in proofreading.  I can check, correct and improve written materials to a very high standard.

In my CV I sum myself up as a versatile copywriter, publicity generator and organiser.  If you choose to do business with me you will find that the results are well presented, engaging… and delivered on time.

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